Welcome to my Development blog hosted on GitHub!

Here I plan to publish what I’m doing in development area.

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My philosophy

It’s simple:

Only practice matters

I have no intention to collect any certificates or degrees - even monkeys can do that. The only way to get knowledge is to get my hands “dirty” - make Proof of Concept (PoC) and document it.

And yes - many times I find blind ways, but it is necessary part of learning curve. Just watching slides never helps…

How are these pages generated

I use Jekyll support on GitHub pages

I just commit to master branch of this Git project:

  • GIT+SSH: git@github.com:hpaluch/hpaluch.github.io.git
  • GIT+HTTPS: https://github.com/hpaluch/hpaluch.github.io.git

You can read step-by-step setup instructions on public URL: